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Standby power for your home. Not only do
generators keep your lights on and your home
comfortable and functional for you while the
utility power is out. A standby generator can
also power vital home systems while you are away
as well. Systems such as food refrigerators and
freezers to keep your food from spoiling,
heating and to keep your house from molding and
sump pumps to keep your home from flooding.
These are all priorities to consider.

We install all types of generator systems. Basic
systems include existing electrical panel
conversions to allow you to safely and manually
connect a portable generator to your house
panel. Or partial and full standby generator
systems that handle everything automatically. As
soon as the utility power goes out the standby
generator turns on and powers up within seconds.
Standby systems can also include a remote
monitoring feature which will notify by email if
there is a fault or problem with the generator -
you can even start or stop the generator
remotely if you need to - all from an internet
connection anywhere in the world.  

We are an authorized Cummmins Onan
dealer and installer.

We do not service or repair generators. Sales
and high quality installation only.   
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